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February 10, 2017
December 1, 2017

One of the most highly recognised and popular African stand up comedians on the road today, Thenjiwe first Burst into the comedy scene in 2012, beginning her career in London where she was voted finalist in the funny woman awards in the same year and has already performed all over South Africa, UK, Belgium, America, Berlin and Congo.

In the early stages of her career, Thenjiwe held double duties as a Lawyer and a comedian, until she became so busy that she had to choose one of the two, and for this maestro of comedy it was natural to choose comedy, even her then employer at the law firm told her “You have a special gift, use it wisely”: Everybody wants to be great at doing something, she just wants to be great at making people laugh, from the moment she picked up the microphone, she just knew she had finally found her purpose for being on earth.

A KwaMashu native, Thenjiwe has been performing comedy around the world. This year (2017) Thenjiwe has already performed in England, Swaziland, Canada, Botswana, and to an outstanding audience of over 10 Thousand in Nigeria.

The first South African to sell out a debut one woman show (LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE) which Premiered at the Durban Playhouse and received rave reviews from both the media and audiences, followed by sold a sold out tour around the country, SADEC and Birmingham UK. Her second comedy special BORN AGAIN AFRICAN was also a major success. One of the unique secrets behind Thenjiwe’s success is her ability to adapt her unique comedic personality to whatever arena or environment she is working in and being bilingual has meant she can entertain in both English and Zulu. Referred to as the Queen of one liners and the Queen of mean, Thenjiwe is sure to entertain any crowd.

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